Why Are My LinkedIn Company Page and Facebook Business Page Ranking But Not My Website?

Further to my recent a href=”http://lollipoplocal.co.uk/seo-warning-800-for-a-3-page-website-with-no-blog-or-seo”SEO Warning about the business owner who could not get his website to rank for his own name, here is another similar tale with a twist.

This was the plea from a business owner who got in touch after reading about our High Visibility Social Media courses.

He wanted to know how to get his website onto the front page of Google for his main search term.

But he also wanted to know how it was that both his LinkedIn Company Page and Facebook Business Page could get onto that elusive front page when his website could not.

So, let’s say, his main product was Red Plastic Widgets.

And that most of the people who were searching for his product would type Red Plastic Widgets into Google.

He decided that he would call his business Red Plastic Widgets Limited and bought the domain www.RedPlasticWidgets.co.uk.

You would think that with what is known as an Exact Match Domain name, he would have been able to rank on the first page easily – if not corner the Number One spot.

But, no!

His website was nowhere to be seen.

His LinkedIn Company page, however, had the url linkedin.com/company/Red-Plastic-Widgets and the blurb in the About section also mentioned red plastic widgets. Google liked what it was seeing.

A page which told her that it was about red plastic widgets in the title and then spoke about them in the accompanying text. On a website that has been around for several years and regularly has millions of page views.

It’s not rocket science.

That’s the page that Google will put at position number one for a search.

Then there were a few pages from the websites of his competitors. Although they did not have exact match domains, their URLs all included the words red widgets and their copy the phrase red plastic widgets.

Their websites had been live for some years so they had age on their side and they were posting fairly regularly on their blogs. They might not have had much traffic but what traffic there was stayed on the site for a while because those searchers were interested in finding out more about red plastic widgets. And the website gave them some answers.

At position number 8 was the Facebook page for RedPlasticWidgets.co.uk. Again, the URL was facebook.com/RedPlasticWidgets. The title of the page was Red Plastic Widgets Limited. Facebook is a site that has age on its side and a lot of regular visitors. Someone had neglected to include the red plastic widgets phrase in the About section – hence a bit lower down the front page.

This is a very simplistic explanation but you start to get the picture.

When we looked at the website, although red plastic widgets was in the URL, it was nowhere else on the site. Not in the sales copy nor in the title of the home page or any other page or any of the page descriptions. It was also a relatively new website.

No trust.

No relevance.

No rank.

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